Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Talk about being in the "dog house"...

Well, as you can see poor Molly had a house full...Case was literally in the dog house with her for probably an hour "fixin' up, rebuilding, and doing some normal home repairs for her!! I was so glad to Case wearing his safety goggles while running his saw...good boy!!

Oh, this is me, a few pictures down... laying on the bench outside while the boys worked, can you tell I was bored?!?!? And without any make-up while having a bad hair day!!!!! Could one of you three boy's build me a bigger lounge area/bench out here?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

Lookin good sis! Was Molly trapped in the dog house while Case worked? He is such a good carpenter. I have some things for him to work on when he comes to Grannys!

Anonymous said...

your dog looks as old as time!
I hope you really fixed up his dog house to be more like a nursing home : )