Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Wednesday evening Hayden was missing for quite a while...this is where I found him...with the door shut...simply enjoying some alone time catching up on some reading...!!! Before I opened the door to the bathroom I said "Hayden, what are you doing?" His response..." I'm reading a 'mazagene'!!" He will not be happy with me about this when he gets older!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last night Case and Hayden had to be in the "naughty chairs" for quite some time...for reasons ranging from not eating any of their supper from having a complete melt down due to crafting mishaps!! Go figure!! Anyway, I look over and Case has fallen asleep in his chair, looks comfortable, huh!?!?!

This is Hayden's second location of the "naughty chair"... he started out in the kitchen, but he was doing what he pleased while unattended, so he got moved to the dining room!!! Looks happy, doesn't he?!?!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hayden, Case and I decided to spend some time outside today since it's so beautiful...

Case followed me around and stood in numerous different places for me to take his picture...usually he doesn't like getting his picture taken!! I guess Hayden thought it was nice enough outside to take a little cat nap in the wagon!!??

Case is posing with his 4wheeler...I love this picture of him...I just want to go squeeze him!!

The boys spent a lot of time on the slide too...they are always wanting me to go down the slide with them...I can't get it through their heads that momma will make the slide bend in half!!!!'s official...I am the Matron of Honor for my sister's wedding!! I am so very excited and honored by this gesture. I received this adorable book in the mail from Jenni over the weekend. It's an adorable "antiquey" book about loving someone and on the back page she has a cute little wedding dress asking me to be in her wedding!!!! Yes, yes, yes...I would love to be a part of your special day! Jenni gave all the girls in her wedding party a book just like this...what a memorable way to ask!!!! Very creative Jenni.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lady Antebellum - Love Don't Live Here (Music Video)

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Powder Pants...


I'm sure you're wondering why this post is titled "powder pants"!? Well, Case is at it again...he's been up to no good for a few days now. I just did a load of laundry and had some of my pants laying out on the bed to air day. As I was walking by something caught my just clean pants are sprinkled with baby powder, or should I say heavily covered in baby powder!!!! AAAhhHHHHwwwhhhh...that's my angry noise (Case now makes this noise too)!!!!! After finding the powder bomb, I went to ask Case why he had done this...his response..."I'm watching a movie." Alrighty then, certainly don't let me interrupt you!!! Hayden thought he'd help me and went and got a wet towel and tried wiping it off...thanks sweetie, but momma will have to wash them AGAIN. Enjoy the photos...and for those of you who don't have children...just wait, your time is coming!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here are a few more pictures from our trip back to Winfield when Jenni and Kent were there. It's Cowley County Fair time and we're going at 10:00pm hoping the temperature is at least down to 95 degrees...I'm pretty sure it wasn't...can you tell by the "happy" look on my face?!?! Jenni looks happy, she just loves being around the goats and taking in all the smells that come with them!! :) The boys had a blast petting all the animals, but they were most concerned about riding some thing about arriving so late, there aren't that many young toddlers out waiting in line to ride the the giant slide!! Good deal!! We let them play one game, the fishing game...Case won a tiger and Hayden won a small frog...we spent $4.00 on two stuffed animals that would probably run you about a buck-seventy five at your nearest dollar store!! Oh well...they were tickled to win something and have kept track of those silly animals ever since then!! Oh, by the way...have you noticed Hayden's fake pose and smile he has when hugging Case...he's always posing this way when the camera's around!! Believe me, this is not how they look at's more like they have each other in a head lock!!!

The last photo is one from the ever famous Daylight Donut shop in Winfield. This is a must stop every time Jenni is back home. And seeing how the boys and I love donuts too, she never has to "twist" our arm to go with her to get a glazed donut or any other glazed piece of heaven they have at the time!!! Yummy!! *Jenni...maybe you should consider having Daylight Donuts cater your wedding reception!!! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Good news...I finally got my picture CD made from all the pictures my sister had from her trip home a couple weeks ago...I thought I would start with some pictures and a post about her and I riding on the 4-wheeler at dad's house!! First of all, we look like elephants on an ant!! The 4-wheeler, I'm sure, is made for young adults, not full-grown women!!! Jenni and I laughed so hard and were thinking of how funny we must look flying down the gravel road like we were real hog riders...and we certainly were not dressed for the occasion either!! I had a dress on and she a tube top on...ride on sisters!!! I will always love the way Jenni and I can turn any situation in to something funny and silly!! Our plan was to take Hayden and Case over to dad's so they could ride the 4-wheeler...sorry boys, you'll have to wait til' the sun goes down to ride this's occupied right now by two serious gals taking on the dirt roads of Kansas!!!! I love ya Jenni and will remember us having such a great time this evening forever!!! Thanks for all laughs...

Well, Hayden's first day of school was last Friday. As you see in the photos he was happy to go back and Case joined right in thinking he was going to school too!! Hayden got out of bed easier than I thought he would...last year I had to get him dressed while he was still laying in his bed!! How fun. He said he had a good day meeting some new friends and seeing some from last year. He was a little angry at me for not having a snack waiting for him in the truck...somehow I started this awful habit last he depends on it. He's at school right now and was hoping to get to play on the playground today. Case is here watching a movie, eating a cookie, taking it easy...I believe he enjoys the "alone" time he and I get while Hayden's at school!! I still can't believe it's already school time!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We enrolled Hayden over the weekend for his next school year. This picture was taken last year on his first day. He will be in preschool again this year...Sept birthday...he will be going three mornings a week...can't believe it 's time for school again. He's so excited and ready to go be honest, so am I!!!! :)
Well, it's been raining here on and off since Saturday. We were supposed to have the MOPS cookout here at our home but of course that was cancelled!! :( A little sunshine please!!!! Does it sound silly that when the weather's like this that I feel fat and ugly...that's why I love to be outside in the sun...makes me happy!! :) I know Hayden and Case are feeling a little "caved up", but I really don't want to spend my day cleaning mud off the floor!!
Enough of me feeling sorry for myself and complaining!!!!....
I have a little story about Case...for those of you who don't know Case very well, he's very quiet, shy, but OBSESSED with toy trucks, tractors, play farm equipment, etc...hum, I wonder if he got that from his daddy?? Anyway, for Christmas last year, he got a small pick-up truck....he loves this truck, but has somehow broke it in several different areas and it's now missing a tire...looks like it should be up on blocks!!! A few months ago we had to glue some parts back on, but it continued to fall apart, so Jim just put it up on a shelf until he had more time to mess with it. Well, I had moved some stuff around in our little closet in the kitchen, which houses our trash can, small electric appliances, cleaning products, etc... Apparently "the truck" had been spotted by Case last night when I had him take something to the trash can for me. So about an hour later was bedtime. I heard Hayden come downstairs, usually just wanting to tell me something unimportant for an excuse to get up, but this time he proceeds to tell us he went in to Case's room and Case was not there and he can't find him!!! Okay!?!?! So I go upstairs with Hayden and we look Case. We look around downstairs...still no Case! Mind you, we have been saying "Case, where are you...Caaassseee?!!" No answer at any point, so I'm getting a little concerned!! So I go tell Jim we still can't locate the MIA raccoon...he gets up to help, we walk in to the kitchen and the closet door opens up, Case walks out, he shuts the door behind him, and proceeds to just act like he's not done anything and heads back to go upstairs!!!!!!! What the heck...Jim, Hayden and I are just standing there frozen wondering what he has been doing in there and we just break out laughing because he just doesn't have a care in the world...crazy kid!! So by now, I am wondering why he was in the kitchen closet for so long...remember the truck...he must have seen it earlier and thought he'd sneak down and get the truck off the shelf he could now reach and play with it on the light was on so this was all done with the closet door shut and light fun!! He left the evidence on the floor...the truck was parked by the trash can and he had left his "suitcase" (that's his pillowcase he carries around and sleeps with) on the shelf from where the truck originated from!!!! Guilty, guilty, guilty!!! He never would really tell us why he was in there or what he was doing!! After getting everybody back in bed, Case got up AGAIN and was back in the stinkin' closet looking for the truck...little did he know it had been "repo-ed" to on top of the refrigerator!!!!
I am still laughing about this today!! I guess it's probably funnier if you have spent some time around Case and know how he doesn't get too excited about a lot of things and how sneaky he can was the look on his face and how he just walked out of the closet door like what he was doing was so normal...this is one of those moments that at first a was a little frightened not being able to find him, turning in to dumbstruck, then laughing and wanting to remember that moment forever!!! I love those boys...
Later I try to explain to Case that when we're yelling his name looking for him that he should respond and let us know where he's at because that was scaring momma...he just laughed and thought it was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Well, sorry it's taken so long to give another post!!! I have been very busy and very sleepy!!! I was waiting to write a post until I had some pictures back from when GG and Tent were here, but I am still waiting on my sister to send them to me...I think she said there were 240 of them!!! Wow!! Let me just say we took pictures of EVERYTHING!! We all had a GREAT time and cherish every moment we spend together. So when I do receive pictures from this great adventure, I will post them ASAP.

Lets start out with the day we picked them up from the airport...good drive down, no problems, a half hour early...the boys rode the escalator a couple of times...once again it doesn't take much to excite this family!! It's hard for them to judge where to place their feet exactly when first getting on the escalator...lets just say they both did the splits there for a while!! We went to wait for GG and Kent on a nice big couch, everything still relatively quiet as far as the boys were concerned...until we notice that it's time for everyone to get off the plane and come down the long terminal, you know, the area no one is aloud in unless your a passenger...well, my boys have this tradition of running up to GG and jumping in her arms when they first see her, never mind the "invisible" security line they shouldn't cross that will activate airport alarms...that's just what they did....all I hear are loud sirens, and I'm looking around thinking surely my precious angels were not the activators of this alarm!!! Yes, they were!!! GG has this puzzled look on her face trying to hold Hayden (he weighs as much as she does), and pull her suitcase and carry her large purse...knowing that she has to get out the "secured" area with the escapee, aka Hayden!!! All is well, we cleared the area and got the heck out of there.
My cars air conditioner works, but I wouldn't say it works good...we had it on the highest setting for the entire 2 hour trip back home and were still a little sweaty!! For the entire time they were back the temperature was not below 100 degrees plus the humidity!! Take it, these two live in Phoenix, so daily temperatures about 110 degrees are not rare, but throw in the humidity and they're wilting like roses in the desert!! No dad even thought GG was getting sick because of her "heat stroked" cheek color!!!! It was so hot, at one point I stood at the back door peering out trying to be part of the conversation! That's all I will post today. I will have atleast ten more posts relating to GG and Kent's visit back here...I want to keep you coming back for more!!