Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hayden, Case and I decided to spend some time outside today since it's so beautiful...

Case followed me around and stood in numerous different places for me to take his picture...usually he doesn't like getting his picture taken!! I guess Hayden thought it was nice enough outside to take a little cat nap in the wagon!!??

Case is posing with his 4wheeler...I love this picture of him...I just want to go squeeze him!!

The boys spent a lot of time on the slide too...they are always wanting me to go down the slide with them...I can't get it through their heads that momma will make the slide bend in half!!!!


Anonymous said...

Was Hayden really asleep in that wagon? that boy will sleep anywhere. Case is quite the ham these days. Remember the good pix I got of him this summer. He is so GQ! Hayden has always been a ham. He is soooooo dramatic and posey.

Anonymous said...

yes, I agree mom, is hayden seriously taking a nap...I would believe it if he was.
Case is learning to be a model like his brother in front of the camera. Great pics, I want to hug and squeeze them they are sooo cute!
love gigi

Anonymous said...

Poor Hayden, not only do they have to sleep in wooden chairs sitting up, they also have to sleep in wagons, outside!!!! How can this be happening?