Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here are a few more pictures from our trip back to Winfield when Jenni and Kent were there. It's Cowley County Fair time and we're going at 10:00pm hoping the temperature is at least down to 95 degrees...I'm pretty sure it wasn't...can you tell by the "happy" look on my face?!?! Jenni looks happy, she just loves being around the goats and taking in all the smells that come with them!! :) The boys had a blast petting all the animals, but they were most concerned about riding some thing about arriving so late, there aren't that many young toddlers out waiting in line to ride the the giant slide!! Good deal!! We let them play one game, the fishing game...Case won a tiger and Hayden won a small frog...we spent $4.00 on two stuffed animals that would probably run you about a buck-seventy five at your nearest dollar store!! Oh well...they were tickled to win something and have kept track of those silly animals ever since then!! Oh, by the way...have you noticed Hayden's fake pose and smile he has when hugging Case...he's always posing this way when the camera's around!! Believe me, this is not how they look at's more like they have each other in a head lock!!!

The last photo is one from the ever famous Daylight Donut shop in Winfield. This is a must stop every time Jenni is back home. And seeing how the boys and I love donuts too, she never has to "twist" our arm to go with her to get a glazed donut or any other glazed piece of heaven they have at the time!!! Yummy!! *Jenni...maybe you should consider having Daylight Donuts cater your wedding reception!!! :)


Anonymous said...

you are so happy at the goat barn... : )don't try to ruin our fair fun next year if you get in a funk!

Great post,

Jessica B said...


I love your face in the first picture. My mom said she ran into you guys that night. She was laughing when she called and said, "Only Jenni would wear a black dress and big earrings to the Cowley County Fair." That made me laugh because I could totally picture her. Thanks for the visual aid. :)