Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello all....long time no post!!! Jenni, you're probably just about to blow your top aren't you!?!?! I will TRY to get the birthday pictures from Hayden's birthday on here tomorrow!

We've spent a lot of time outside this week...it's so nice and cool, I even opened the windows back up again! The boys have been keeping an eye on the field behind us while they're bailing the hay...I won't let them go outside until the tractors have left the field...I just know that they'd slowly ease their way out to the edge of the field to get a closer look...too dangerous!!!

We didn't do much today but get dog food and go to Wal-mart and stop by the antique shop. At Wal-mart we got some of the costume stuff for their Halloween costumes...I let them pick out by themselves what they wanted to be this year...they both decided to be "mean cats"!! Jim is not really thrilled about the cat costumes... I told him they were going to be boy cats, so he asks if their costumes will include cat balls!!! Yes, you read right...- I told him I had only planned on making tails, but I guess I could sew some balls too...NOT!!! Anyway, we got black pants, black turtle necks, black sweatshirts, black stocking caps, and fury cat ears...I just have to make tails (no balls), some fury gloves, fury neck things and shoe claw things and Hayden said that I should make the whiskers out of paper...

Have a good night and I will try to do better about updating the blog on a daily basis or at least every couple days.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here are the newest additions to our family as of a couple weeks ago...five new little balls of fur!!
Here are the boys just hangin' out on the neighbors fence...they're such monkeys!!

Well...we had the "combined" birthday party over the last weekend for the boys!! It was a lot of fun and we all had lots of laughs. Those attending were: Granny Pam, Grandma Berba, Grandma Carol, Grandpa Billy and Oliver Darby!! Everyone arrived Friday evening and stayed til Sunday after we had breakfast down at the corner cafe!!!

Once again I HATE MY CAMERA...I might as well find an old 110 camera and put a flash cube on top...it would take a better, more clear picture than this thing they call a camera!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well, we spent a lot of time again today outside...this weather is great!! Here are the boys messin' around in the yard...at one point Case somehow got his shoe caught up in a tree...yes, you read it right, his shoe in a tree...I told you in yesterday's post that you never know where you'll find their shoes!!! So I hurried to the house for the camera and when I got back out there they had beat it out of the tree with a stick!!!

Look at one of our apple trees!!! The apples are so yummy...they make a nice evening treat!! Hayden has told me several times that it's nice having apples at our house that way we don't have to buy them at Wal-mart!!

We did a little outside decorating for Halloween...this is a wooden witch cut out that Jim's dad made a long time ago!

I love this picture of our "Lee" sign and the other old rustic stuff...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More pic's from today's outside adventures...

You never know when or where you're going to stumble across their shoes...

Table for sale....Table for sale....

While the raccoons were building their stick house, I was painting a cute little end table I got some time ago at a garage sale for 50cents...no lie...! It was a yucky brown color, I'm going to try to resale it at our antique booth in town...so painting it black I thought would be more trendy and appeal to more people...hum...what should I sale it for??? Give me some feedback on this please?

It was absolutely beautiful outside today!! We spent the majority of our day enjoying it. Here's what the boy's were working on...Hayden says it's a stick house...looks like some Indians are setting up camp here!?! Hayden is sitting on the chair they made out of small twigs and beside the chair was some broken pieces of a terra cotta pot and right now as I am typing this I'm just now realizing that I hope this was not one of my flower pots!! Who knows with these two!? Then they decided to throw dog water on each other and run around the yard screaming just for the heck of it!!! Run little boys, run...plus no nap equals a quick fall asleep time!!! Yes!!!

Goodbye summer, hello fall...

I love growing flowers in the spring and summer...I am always sad when it starts getting cold, because that means all my plants don't have much time left. This is one of my favorites and has really taken off in the last month!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

You say it's your birthday.........

Case's special day...

Well, it's finally here...I don't think Case could have waited one more day to open his gifts...they have been sitting on the coffee table for over a week!!! He had made a couple of requests to me about his birthday cake earlier in the week: he wanted frosting on the cake, blue sprinkles, candles with fire on top of the candles!!!! :) So I followed his directions along with putting a little candy on his cake, which he didn't mind!! He opened gifts from momma and daddy, GG and Tent, and grandma Grace! This weekend is when "the 3 grandma's" and grandpa will be over to have a bigger birthday celebration for both the boy's and open those gifts!! Anyway, the day was great filled with funny memories. I think their favorite part was playing with the balloons around the house and trying to scare me by popping them!!!

In this picture Case is "resting" on the kitchen floor...wearing some new "football"shoes from GG and playing with the noisiest tonka loader truck I've ever heard from uncle Tent...paybacks Kent, paybacks!!!! That's all I have to say!!!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Case!!!!!

Case is now 3 years old!!! I repeat, my baby is 3!!! I spent the day re-living all the moments that happened 3 years ago when I was in the hospital having him!! The whole day back in 2005 went so smooth and easy!!! We were so happy to have our tiny (8lb4oz) baby boy with us finally!! It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it!! Now he's a live wire, quiet, shy, sneaky, clever, linky, momma's boy, daddy's boy, tractor-truck-dually-stock trailer-loving little boy!!!! Happy Birthday Case...Momma, Daddy, and Hayden love you so much and you make our life complete!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


So sorry I haven't posted for probably a week or better!! I have been sneezing so much that I haven't really felt up to anything....promise to start back up on Monday. Hayden and Case are spending the weekend with the grandma's and I am tickled!!! When we pick them up on Sunday it will be Case's 3rd birthday!!!! I can't believe my baby is going to be 3!!!! :(

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We have a confession, we have a confession...

This just in from the Lee household: Hayden told Daddy that Case made him pee in the Easter bucket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anybody need to use the restroom!?!?!?! Well, this is the bucket the boys were using today as a toilet!!! I was in a nearby room and heard Hayden telling Case, while they were upstairs, to take the bucket downstairs and pour it out......I was thinking what sort of liquid do they have up there that needs to be poured out?!?!?!!? Case took the bucket to the toilet and was dumping it out when I entered the room...he simply said "I'm pouring the pee out." WWWhhhhhaaaaatttttt!!!!! Somebody had peed in the bucket!!!!! Disgusting!!!! I asked Case why he had peed in the bucket, hoping to get a confession, he said Hayna did it....I yelled up the stairs and asked why Hayden had peed in the bucket, he said Case did it!!!! So they both got numerous favorite toys and such taken away for quite a while!!! Then later in the day Hayden told me they both peed in the bucket!?!?! Who knows, all I know is that I will never look at an Easter bucket the same after this incident!!!!!! Happy Easter...oh yeah, the bucket's in the trash!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Saturday evening we drove around the countryside and drove upon this beautiful sunflower field...I hate our camera...it never ever takes a good clear picture!! Hint, hint...!!
Anyway, I had to get the boys' pictures out in the field, good thing nobody drove by!! We also made our weekly stop by the Amish houses to buy our eggs and by the Amish General Store to pick up some jelly and some gifts. We love spending time out around the Amish people...they really do work hard in all that they do and enjoy doing it!!! I love to see the little children, they just stare at us like we're so amazing...and we do the same to them...I want to take those kids home and give them candy, let them watch TV and spoil them rotten!!! :)

Over the weekend we attended the Thayer,Ks Homecoming festivities. We were mainly there so the boys could participate in the kids rodeo. Case ran a race and got 2nd place...won $3.00 and was on cloud nine for the remainder of the day and nothing could break the smile on his cute, sweaty, dirty little face!!! He was so proud and so were momma and daddy!!!! Hayden on the other hand was at the starting line and right at the last moment he decided to start pouting and didn't run the race...so we headed home...and he threw a fit because he didn't get any money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom says that's how I acted when I was his age....whatever mom, I think you're just making that up!!
I guess Case didn't want to be left off the blog while catching up on his reading...he must have seen his brother doing this, because as soon as he got to the bathroom he grabbed that magazine as fast as he could and took position!!