Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It was absolutely beautiful outside today!! We spent the majority of our day enjoying it. Here's what the boy's were working on...Hayden says it's a stick house...looks like some Indians are setting up camp here!?! Hayden is sitting on the chair they made out of small twigs and beside the chair was some broken pieces of a terra cotta pot and right now as I am typing this I'm just now realizing that I hope this was not one of my flower pots!! Who knows with these two!? Then they decided to throw dog water on each other and run around the yard screaming just for the heck of it!!! Run little boys, run...plus no nap equals a quick fall asleep time!!! Yes!!!

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Anonymous said...

This post is for Hayden.... Can Granny sit in your chair this weekend, I love it!!!! It would go sooooo good in my bedroom, it's a little like my bed! See ya Friday!
Love, Granny