Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anybody need to use the restroom!?!?!?! Well, this is the bucket the boys were using today as a toilet!!! I was in a nearby room and heard Hayden telling Case, while they were upstairs, to take the bucket downstairs and pour it out......I was thinking what sort of liquid do they have up there that needs to be poured out?!?!?!!? Case took the bucket to the toilet and was dumping it out when I entered the room...he simply said "I'm pouring the pee out." WWWhhhhhaaaaatttttt!!!!! Somebody had peed in the bucket!!!!! Disgusting!!!! I asked Case why he had peed in the bucket, hoping to get a confession, he said Hayna did it....I yelled up the stairs and asked why Hayden had peed in the bucket, he said Case did it!!!! So they both got numerous favorite toys and such taken away for quite a while!!! Then later in the day Hayden told me they both peed in the bucket!?!?! Who knows, all I know is that I will never look at an Easter bucket the same after this incident!!!!!! Happy Easter...oh yeah, the bucket's in the trash!!!!!

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