Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well, we spent a lot of time again today outside...this weather is great!! Here are the boys messin' around in the one point Case somehow got his shoe caught up in a tree...yes, you read it right, his shoe in a tree...I told you in yesterday's post that you never know where you'll find their shoes!!! So I hurried to the house for the camera and when I got back out there they had beat it out of the tree with a stick!!!

Look at one of our apple trees!!! The apples are so yummy...they make a nice evening treat!! Hayden has told me several times that it's nice having apples at our house that way we don't have to buy them at Wal-mart!!

We did a little outside decorating for Halloween...this is a wooden witch cut out that Jim's dad made a long time ago!

I love this picture of our "Lee" sign and the other old rustic stuff...

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Anonymous said...

Love the post!
Thanks for the pics...keep them coming. Those apples look wonderful, Hayden is right, how lucky you are to not have to buy produce!
They are precious!...the boys that is.