Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello all....long time no post!!! Jenni, you're probably just about to blow your top aren't you!?!?! I will TRY to get the birthday pictures from Hayden's birthday on here tomorrow!

We've spent a lot of time outside this week...it's so nice and cool, I even opened the windows back up again! The boys have been keeping an eye on the field behind us while they're bailing the hay...I won't let them go outside until the tractors have left the field...I just know that they'd slowly ease their way out to the edge of the field to get a closer look...too dangerous!!!

We didn't do much today but get dog food and go to Wal-mart and stop by the antique shop. At Wal-mart we got some of the costume stuff for their Halloween costumes...I let them pick out by themselves what they wanted to be this year...they both decided to be "mean cats"!! Jim is not really thrilled about the cat costumes... I told him they were going to be boy cats, so he asks if their costumes will include cat balls!!! Yes, you read right...- I told him I had only planned on making tails, but I guess I could sew some balls too...NOT!!! Anyway, we got black pants, black turtle necks, black sweatshirts, black stocking caps, and fury cat ears...I just have to make tails (no balls), some fury gloves, fury neck things and shoe claw things and Hayden said that I should make the whiskers out of paper...

Have a good night and I will try to do better about updating the blog on a daily basis or at least every couple days.


Anonymous said...

I love the cat idea for costumes!
How cool...and yes, I am almost to blow my top waiting for H's pics!

Anonymous said...

The boys will make darling kitties! You are following good pet ownership practices. "Have your pets spayed or neutered!" LOL! Hence no balls on the kitty costumes. I can't wait to come over and go trick or treating with the boys again. We had sooooo much fun last year!
Granny Pam