Monday, September 15, 2008

Case's special day...

Well, it's finally here...I don't think Case could have waited one more day to open his gifts...they have been sitting on the coffee table for over a week!!! He had made a couple of requests to me about his birthday cake earlier in the week: he wanted frosting on the cake, blue sprinkles, candles with fire on top of the candles!!!! :) So I followed his directions along with putting a little candy on his cake, which he didn't mind!! He opened gifts from momma and daddy, GG and Tent, and grandma Grace! This weekend is when "the 3 grandma's" and grandpa will be over to have a bigger birthday celebration for both the boy's and open those gifts!! Anyway, the day was great filled with funny memories. I think their favorite part was playing with the balloons around the house and trying to scare me by popping them!!!

In this picture Case is "resting" on the kitchen floor...wearing some new "football"shoes from GG and playing with the noisiest tonka loader truck I've ever heard from uncle Tent...paybacks Kent, paybacks!!!! That's all I have to say!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Is that a truck table cloth???? Awesome Case. Granny loves it and I can't wait to come over Saturday and have ANOTHER PARTY!!!!! Yeah!!!! We will have a good time.