Thursday, August 7, 2008

Well, sorry it's taken so long to give another post!!! I have been very busy and very sleepy!!! I was waiting to write a post until I had some pictures back from when GG and Tent were here, but I am still waiting on my sister to send them to me...I think she said there were 240 of them!!! Wow!! Let me just say we took pictures of EVERYTHING!! We all had a GREAT time and cherish every moment we spend together. So when I do receive pictures from this great adventure, I will post them ASAP.

Lets start out with the day we picked them up from the airport...good drive down, no problems, a half hour early...the boys rode the escalator a couple of times...once again it doesn't take much to excite this family!! It's hard for them to judge where to place their feet exactly when first getting on the escalator...lets just say they both did the splits there for a while!! We went to wait for GG and Kent on a nice big couch, everything still relatively quiet as far as the boys were concerned...until we notice that it's time for everyone to get off the plane and come down the long terminal, you know, the area no one is aloud in unless your a passenger...well, my boys have this tradition of running up to GG and jumping in her arms when they first see her, never mind the "invisible" security line they shouldn't cross that will activate airport alarms...that's just what they did....all I hear are loud sirens, and I'm looking around thinking surely my precious angels were not the activators of this alarm!!! Yes, they were!!! GG has this puzzled look on her face trying to hold Hayden (he weighs as much as she does), and pull her suitcase and carry her large purse...knowing that she has to get out the "secured" area with the escapee, aka Hayden!!! All is well, we cleared the area and got the heck out of there.
My cars air conditioner works, but I wouldn't say it works good...we had it on the highest setting for the entire 2 hour trip back home and were still a little sweaty!! For the entire time they were back the temperature was not below 100 degrees plus the humidity!! Take it, these two live in Phoenix, so daily temperatures about 110 degrees are not rare, but throw in the humidity and they're wilting like roses in the desert!! No dad even thought GG was getting sick because of her "heat stroked" cheek color!!!! It was so hot, at one point I stood at the back door peering out trying to be part of the conversation! That's all I will post today. I will have atleast ten more posts relating to GG and Kent's visit back here...I want to keep you coming back for more!!

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I am so happy to see you actually still look at your blog : )