Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey Jenni...wanted to share this photo especially with you...doesn't Spicy look like Zen!! This is Jim's favorite cat!!!!! No joke, I think he'd even let Spicy come in the house if he'd stay on Jim's lap!!! Picking favorites I guess...since we have a total of 14 cats to choose from!!!


Anonymous said...

Damn cats.

Jessica B said...

And I thought Jenni was the crazy cat lady. But I guess if they are outside it is different :) When I first clicked on the blog I definitely thought this was an old picture of Zen.

Anonymous said...

OMG - Zen has a family after all...she wants to meet her sister/brother! How cute!!!!!!!!
Yep, Jess, I am not the crazy cat lady anymore, guess its Trace and Jim. I was a crazy cat person tonight because when I came home from a very long medical conference, my house smelled like a urine pit and Pouncer had urinated, completely soaked my entire rug from anthropologie that is dry clean only - Matt saw the discovery when I was outside yelling ; [