Sunday, May 10, 2009

My momma...

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

My mom is a wonderful person..
She can make me laugh about ANYTHING
We have the best time when we're together
I feel I can tell her anything
She's one of my best friends
I am very proud of all her accomplishments
She's so very smart
She's so very independent
She's amazing
She's a FANTASTIC granny and I love that!!
Me, my sister, and my brother are so lucky to call her "mom".

I love you!!

And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY today to all of you!!



Anonymous said...

Why thank you Trac.... the snapfish slide show made me cry, as did this post, I am so very proud of all of my kids and you are right, you are one of my best friends and we do laugh at some crazy stuff. But please quit putting these horrible pictures of me on your blog. I thought I looked pretty good until I see those pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Your gift should be arriving tomorrow!!!!