Wednesday, May 13, 2009

{get REAL}...favorite kitchen item(s)

Laura over at Elephant Juice is hosting another {get REAL} challenge..."what is you favorite kitchen item? Have fun and go check it out...and then tell us what yours is!!

Well, I have a few...
This is at the top of my's a hamburger crumbler from Pampered Chef...not sure of what the correct name of it actually is, but that's what it does and I love it...even got mom one a few months ago...if you're a family who has crumbled hamburger a couple times a week fixed differently, this is the tool you need!!

Second is some sort of bowl-container-basket-etc to hold misc things that would just be sitting around on the counter...I have to have them all together-I like for my counters to be not so messy!!
This bowl is one the boys got me for my birthday from the antique shop...I love it too!!

I'm serious...I have been using them for years and years...I absolutely HATE any kind of wet food on my hands when I'm doing dishes...and I also have to have them on when I clean!!! If I don't have gloves (which I don't ever remember a time I didn't), I don't do dishes!!! Simple!!

And last, but not least...our ice maker on the fridge...we used to buy ice all the time before we had this...what a's so easy to walk over and push a button and have beautiful ice fill your glass!!! The boys have just now started filling their own cups with far, so good!!



Anonymous said...

Oh Traci..... the simple things in life! You crack me up! Love, MOM
Oh... and I LOVE my hamburger crumbler upper thingy....

Laura said...

You have GREAT picks, Traci!!! My friend Audra has that hamburger crumbler and I know she loves hers too...I need to get one! Great idea to have the "catch-all" bowl! I might have to try that idea. AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE my ice maker in the door too!! Ahh, the simple pleasures!

Thanks for playing :)

Jessica B said...

I seem to remember your mom telling us a story about you and Jenni wearing bread bags on your hands when you did the dishes when you were younger :) Does this ring a bell?