Friday, May 22, 2009

Book review...

If you're a stay-at-home momma and have ever had one once of thought about maybe working from home...this is the book for you to read!
I volunteered to be on the "MOPS Blog Tour Review". This is the first book of the tour.
Mary M. Byers gives you informational points of EVERYTHING you have forgot to consider while working from home. Her main question for the book is "why am I working?" Is it to contribute to your family's income or is it just something fun to do other than clean up juice and snack crumbs all day!! :) I know, myself, have thought about working from home when both of our boys are in school all day...and this book has definitely raised some questions for me to ponder until moving forward "by the seat of my pants".
Areas from guilt, motivation, child care in your home during your work hours, recipes for quick and easy dinners, to being in sync with your spouse about you working from home.
One of my favorite things about "Making Work at Home Work" is the work-at-home mom profiles of real women, what their business is, what have been their ups and downs of in home businesses and any advice they might have for other mom's contemplating the idea of working from home.
One part of the book, "relying on faith to get you through", really hit home for me as a mom...she writes "God alone knows what types of insecurities and worries you and I wrestle with. That's why it is so freeing to invite him into partnership."

Reading this book will give the push you need to get started and give you the understanding that all mom's go through basically the same struggles as you don daily on working from home!!



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