Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Busy...

Well...get ready for a lot of info and a lot of pictures...

This right here is a picture of the boys' gator...high centered...don't ask me how or why this happened...it just did...with them, anything is possible...needless to say, they had to sit in time out for a while after daddy witnessed this ride...

Friday was Hayden's last day of school. They got to play with water balls outside...Hayden likes to pick out his own clothes and for some reason this day he picked out jeans and hiking boots...hot!!! I had tears in my eyes the whole time I was watching them play and especially when I picked him up and stood in the doorway of his classroom for the last time...I get really sentimental during stuff like this...

Granny spent the weekend with us and we camped out in our back yard in the tent...it was a lot of fun and perfect weather too...we slept on the ground with out any fluffy mattresses...we won't be doing this again unless we have them!!! The boys did great and we lasted the whole night (jim and case went in about 3:45am) .

Jim built an awesome fire for us and it lasted all night...we made S'mores and Jim even made a fast trip down to the pond to catch a bullfrog...frog legs anyone? Yummy!!

But before we camped out, Granny gave us a ride in her "new" pick up...which I like to refer to as the "rod"!! The boys got to drive it on some country roads and loved it...I did too...I wouldn't mind having an old truck...I couldn't resist peeling out and throwing
a few times.

Saturday we got up and went to Katy Days in town...we rode the train, went to the petting zoo and walked around for a bit...it was great...
(sorry the pictures are all in crazy order...) Notice the HUGE container of Texas Teaser Fries and tea...that cost $10.00 total...yikes!!! Oh, but they were oh so good!!

The next picture is mom holding her truck key in Walmart on Sunday afternoon...long story short, her key broke off
in the
for some
We took it in so they could make a new one, but it had to be in one piece and for the life of me, we couldn't get any of the stinkin' glue to work and harden up!!
We had a lot of laughs and tried not to think about my grandma having to drive mom's spare keys over to her on Monday morning so she could get home...2 hours away!!! :)

Thennnnnnn.....to top off the day...Hayden had been feeling awful since Saturday late afternoon...he basically slept all day Sunday and ate nothing...having a fever for most of the day too...and then getting a rash on most of his little body...when Hayden is this quiet and still, he's very sick...it's quite odd...so we decided to take him to the ER...our first ER visit ever!!! Mom stayed here with Case and Jim and I took Hayden...we were quite relaxed and Hayden was great!! The Dr knew right away when looking at his rash that is was Scarlatina rash associated with Strep throat...bless his little heart!!!!!

He is feeling much better and is kinda sassy today...so almost back to normal...just pray that poor little Case won't get it!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Just another of many "white trash weekends" to come! The key thing was CRAZY!!!! I will now have about 20 sets of keys made. Love ya, MOM

Bebb Girls said...

I love your blog! It's always good for a laugh or two! I really need to get back in the swing of things and keep mine updated better!
So glad that Hayden in better! I need to get your chair to you!

Anonymous said...

Great pics and laughs!

Anonymous said...

these pics are great! the last one of hayden's sick face is so sad poor thing! As for momma pam's key - that is so crazy at least you got the end out! Thea