Monday, May 11, 2009

Friday and Sunday...

Friday we had our "3rd Annual Tea and Testimony" at our last MOPS meeting of the year ( we take the summers off)... this is my favorite meeting...simply because we get to snack on little "tea" sandwiches, cream puffs, scones, and hot some other remarkable treats that I don't know the names of...we reflect back on the MOPS year and realize how much we've learned about each other and ourselves!! It's a wonderful meeting...this year was interesting because the morning of this meeting is when Parsons and surrounding area's had a terrible storm come through and do a lot of damage...some say the wind was 95mph!! So we had no electricity during our whole meeting...We had quite a few women show up even though the majority of us didn't have any electricity!!

I found these cute little key limes at Walmart to use in the vases of tulips for our centerpieces!!

We were very fortunate at our house...we lost one tree that we can't really reach to cut down...not quite sure what we'll do about this...the boys have been instructed 4,000 times not to go near the area of this tree!!

It always amazes me what the wind can do to things!!! It's scary actually!!

Smaller limbs were all over the yard...that's how we spent our Friday evening...playing "pick up sticks"...not the game though!! :)

These last few photos are on Mother's Day before church...Case was not wanting to smile "normal"!! They took me out for dinner on Saturday night to my favorite Mexican place in town...Ernesto's. Sunday we had the most delicious hamburgers on the grill for lunch and the boys each gave me cards they had made for me at MOPS...
I love my coons.



Anonymous said...

onery boys! Love, MOM

Laura said...

I love those tulip centerpieces with the key limes at your MOPS meeting!! So cute :) I'll have to remember that idea!