Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy day...

Sorry, no pictures today.
The boys and I have been busy outside...we've scrubbed an old retro chair with "Resolve"cleaner, scrapped metal lawn chairs (3of them), vacuumed the "song house" (this is a building we have out back we keep a lot of storage in...we have a stereo out there and more than likely you'll catch us out there singing along with the radio with the windows open...there go..."song house"(named by Hayden a couple years ago)!! And I've been washing some old dishes from the auction...tonight we're restocking our booth at the flea market in town...time to rotate our stuff!!! Hayden had a great time helping me price everything and get things in order!! Case, well, I'm not sure that he helped with much of anything...just played with his trucks on the coffee table when he thought I wasn't looking!!
They both escaped see, they are supposed to always ask or let me know when they go outside...anyway, this time I guess it slipped their mind...whatever...I noticed them chasing each other and laughing...aahhhh, how sweet...wait a Case brown? Dang it, not AGAIN....sure enough, Case slipped in the mud puddle...not sure if it was accidental or on purpose...I had him strip down to nothing but what God gave him on the deck and carried him to the shower and then to nap time!!!!!!! Hayden was not to be found after that...where did that stinker go...oh here he is...sitting out on the front porch in a rocking chair eating animal crackers enjoying the view I was cute...I asked if he was relaxing and he said "yes".

So that's been our day so far!!!! Hope you're having a great afternoon!!



Anonymous said...

I can see it all!!!! Thanks for sharing your day with us.. love MOM

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Saw you guys outside! I almost stopped to tell you that the goat is no more! (if ya get my drift!) Hope that you enjoy the weather next week! It is going to be nice!!