Monday, March 2, 2009

JIm and Jim Jr... was a proud day on Friday morning when two of my boys went off to work...Jim and Case...they were both all smiles as they walked out the door. From time to time Jim will take the boys to work on Saturday's when he only works for half days...but Jim and I had worked out a plan so Case could go with him on Friday...after I dropped Hayden off at school, I then picked Case up from his hard day's work!!! (which was about 1hr & 45min) He told me after I picked him up that he was hoping I wasn't coming to pick him up!!!! They do love their daddy!!!! Case still requests that daddy wake him up on Mon, Wed, and Fri's when we have to take Hayden to school...Case likes to "visit" with daddy on those mornings!!!


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Bebb Girls said...

How sweet! Those are too cute! Case is like a mini me of Jim!