Thursday, March 19, 2009

not much to report on around here...

Hello everyone...not much going on around here...the boys are at Granny Pam's and Berba's house...they went home with them Tuesday morning and I am to pick them up on Friday...and lets just say, it's been very quiet and low-key around this house!!!

My brother Buck, and his special someone, Thea, came over with mom and g-ma on was great seeing my's been over a year since I've seen him...he lives in Colorado and doesn't get much time off ever!! Even though he towers over me...he's still my little brother by eight years!!! I was very glad to meet Thea...I've heard so many wonderful things about her and from the little time I spent with her, it all seems to be true!! She's a doll!! We all had a wonderful time and the boys were on cloud 9 with all the company!!!

Hope all of you are having a great spring break...hasn't the weather been great!! :)


Kim said...

Wondered what you were up to. We have just been hanging out at home for spring break. Enjoy your last few days of silence.

Bebb Girls said...

Wow! You still exist!! Hope you're having a great week! Not a lot going on around here! Kendra is home next week and taking Riley fishing! She'll be soooo excited!
Talk to you soon!