Friday, July 25, 2008

Today was very hot...of course it was, we live in Kansas and it's the end of July. Sorry, for a second I guess I thought I was sharing some new information!! :)
The boys and I were outside quite a bit today. I have some pictures showing some of our activities. We played in the kiddie pool...notice our lovely poolside photo.
Case is shown in one picture with his ever famous "3-wheeler". Yes, it's a 4wheeler, but he says three. Since he could walk, and I don't know, maybe even stand up to things, he's been pushing this toy around the yard. Jim and I are always trying to imagine how many miles he has ran behind it. We're sure this is why he stays so skinny!! He has me wash it off when I'm watering my flowers with the hose. Running the tires in slow motion thru the mud is one of his favorite activities. Anyway, I thought he'd be proud that I was sharing a picture of him and his "ride".
One of the other pictures shows the boys in their "tree branch" (tree house). Hayden has always called it that and I have no idea where it came from...and now Case uses the same name. It seems my family has some weird names for a lot of things!!! Anyway, they're both up there at the same time sitting down because Hayden was doctoring Case from a previous stick wound that resulted in a bloody toe!! It's okay, it's okay, everyones fine now. Case wanted me to take a picture of his wound but after examining his feet I decided it was not a good see, they usually don't wear shoes outside and the amount of dirt, mud, etc that was on his used to be cute little toes, was unimaginable. FYI...most of the time the dirt won't even come off at bath time!! Oh well, I still think his toes are adorable!!
Hayden's photo of him picking something from a tree is so never really know what this kid is up to or what imaginary world he's in at the moment. I never asked what he was picking, I guess I wasn't wanting to hear a 10 minute explanation at that moment!! I have to tell myself that one day when he's a teenager I'll probably be praying for him to say a couple words at time I'll ask!! For the last two days Hayden's been carrying around a Spiderman pencil bag. It's contents are as follows: a magic hair brush, notepad and pen, a small bell, hole punch, camera, and a set of keys!?!?!!?!! He did comb my hair yesterday with the magic brush and did say that my hair grew a little!! Good deal, I've been wanting to grow it out. :)
Well, I must go prepare supper...not sure what we're having yet!
We're going to move furniture around tonight...I love doing that.

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Anonymous said...

Finally! Awesome post, lots of info...poor Hayden, you won't even ask him what he was picking...what if it was a poisonous piece of fruit? : )
They are soooo darn cute!