Monday, July 28, 2008

GG and Tent are on their way...

If you're wondering who GG and Tent are, these are the names chosen for my sister Jenni and her boyfriend Kent. When Hayden was very little and learning to talk he could not say Jenni, but when he tried it came out as "GG". And it had stuck and never do they call her Jenni. Case has been calling Kent "Tent" since he met him back in December!!
The boys and I will pick them up from the airport this Friday!!!! We are so excited!!!!!! I am sure we'll have some funny stories to post after their visit!! :)
This picture is of GG and myself taken in March when we spent a week with her!!
I miss her and can't wait to laugh with her and be silly!!

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Anonymous said...

yipppeeee!!!!!!! What a nice surprise, we are sooo excited as well and know we will have fun no matter what we may do.
see ya soooon, : )