Friday, November 14, 2008

100th post coming up soon...

Well, my 100th post will be here probably in a week or so...I have decided to have a Give-away for my readers to show appreciation for you having any interest in my everyday life and all that comes with it...Thank You...
I have not decided what this prize might be...of course it will be something vintage, antique, or out of the has to be something I love too, right?!
Here's how your name gets in the random drawing:
  • Leave a comment with your name on my 100th post (now you really have to keep up with the blog so you know when the 100th will be... :)
  • The deadline will be mid-night of the day I post the 100th post.
  • The following morning I will put every one's name in a hat, bowl, bag, etc and draw one name...I promise you this will be with my eyes closed and there will be no "re-drawing"...sorry Jenni... :)
  • I will then post the winner's name on my blog congratulating them and requesting an address for shipping...lets please keep it in the USA... :)
  • So please tell your friends to get online and read the blog so they too can be entered in the 100th Post Celebration!
I will be posting a picture of the prize in the next day or so...I am so excited to give away something to one of you...Good Luck and again thank you so much for reading!!!!


Anonymous said...


I can't wait to win this one : )

Anonymous said...

This might be one that Jenni CAN win!

jcbebb said...

I'm gonna win... I can feel it!
ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

ha ha mom!
I am going to have my fiance enter as well so I have 2 names in the hat : )

Anonymous said...

No fair!!!! You can't do that.