Monday, April 27, 2009

A ton of pictures...

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted anything...I have been busy and sick...again!!!

For the last couple months I have been working on the LCC Auction for Scholarships Friday I spent the day decorating for the event on Saturday along with a ton of other people...before being on the committee I knew nothing about this event, but after Jim and I attended we really were impressed and had a great time...they raise a lot of scholarship $$ each year with this event!!

Our theme was "There's No Place Like Labette"'s the tornado
remember the shoes I spray painted and glittered...they were the centerpieces...

Me and my good friend Andrea standing under the balloon arch I built...until Friday, I had no idea how to do this!! It's not looking so good in this was the end of the night and some of the balloons were on their last leg...

Before church on Sunday...thanks for the handsome shirts GG!!!

Hayden is wearing his Papa's homemade necklace daddy gave him over the weekend!! He's very proud of it.

Case finally wanting to ride the bike and not just push it around!!

This was taken last week at the auction place we go can't see it, but he's eating a bag of chips watching people!! Nice underwear...this is odd, because he seriously does not wear any 95% of the time!! No kiddin'.

Last Monday I had 5 kids to watch...believe it or not they were very good the whole day and it was pretty easy...I had no idea our pick-up could hold that many car seats!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! Love all of the pix. The boys are handsome as ever. Can't wait to get over there this weekend and smooch on them! I can't believe you had 5 kiddos to watch!! Yiks.
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here holding back the tears from laughing so hard at the boys sitting on the rock ledge looking at their hands. Remember when that snake wrapped around Case's leg last summer? All I can think about is a snake crawling up and over their hands. Fun times.
Love, MOM again!

Anonymous said...

the boys look so cute in their cowboy gear--

your dorothy decorations look fabulous!

love these pics : )