Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Preparing for the visit from the "big guy"...

We had an absolute wonderful Christmas this year!!! Here at our house we always celebrate Santa's visit one week before the 25th...we're never at home on that day...the boys prepared Santa's note, left reindeer food out in the front yard (thanks to our friend Jenn for helping the boys with making this tasty treat for the reindeer), leaving him plenty of healthy snacks consisting of oreo's, fruit snacks and of course water!! Off to bed they went full of whispers, giggles and listening very hard for any sort of sound Santa and the reindeer might make...I want to add also that this Christmas, the boys were at an age where they really are thrilled to the bones about the season and all the wonderful feelings that go with it...anyway, they did really well about staying upstairs and falling asleep...the next morning, they were all smiles and ready to see what the red dressed man had left them...satisfied with all the wonderful gifts, it was a happy morning for all four of us!! Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season filled with lasting memories!!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas we all had! It was so fun to be with all of the family.

Anonymous said...

I think this had to go down as one of the best Christmas's we have ever had. I loved all the fun things we did!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Traci! Wow, the boys are getting so big! What handsome little guys there are. It was so great looking at all of your pics. You all look like you are doing wonderfully!
Kevin really loved seeing Jimmy and the boys. He said Hayden gave him a big hug!

Miss talking to you guys!