Thursday, December 9, 2010

Case had his Christmas program...

Well, does anyone remember last years spring program? I do , I do!!!! Crawled up in the fetal position crying on the floor...for the entire program!!!!!!! No, not me, Case!!! Well, I came prepared this year with lots of bribes...we don't drink pop at our house...Bribe #1- pick out your very own pop from any gas station...Bribe #2- lunch anywhere, you pick...Bribe #3(had to pull this one out of my hat at the last minute)- you pick out a small toy from Walmart....= a great program with no crying or fetal positions, just smiles, singing and doing all the hand motions that go with the songs!!!! Momma and daddy were very proud!!! Gotta do what ya gotta do!!!!!
Such a little guy to me, but getting so very big when looking at him in these photos...this will be our last year at preschool...I have been driving the boy's here for four years...I will miss the wonderful teachers that I like to call saints!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!
He looks so tall.
My angels are growing up on me.

Anonymous said...

I wonder which parent's genetic material provided the legs of your children? Hmmmm...They stand exactly like Jim.