Tuesday, August 24, 2010

momma, watch me jump...

This kid loves to jump...over anything...good thing he cleared Lincoln...it seems like every few minutes he's asking me to watch him jump over something, see how far "up in the sky" he can jump, and just yesterday I caught both "angels" jumping off the activity table (our old kitchen table) we have in our TV room to the couch!!! When does school start and do they have an all-night preschool/1st grade center near me????!!! 
*notice the large shoes Case has on while clearing Lincoln...somebody gave these to Hayden and are still too big on him, he then gave them to Case and now he thinks they fit him wonderfully...nice jumpin' Big Foot!!


Anonymous said...

That boy looks like a mexican jumping bean!! He can run really fast too! See ya soon. Love, GRANNY

Anonymous said...

how funny!
nice shoes that are too big ; )