Monday, November 16, 2009


Last night the boys had a little trouble falling asleep right away, so I snuggled with each one of them in their beds. When I reached Case's room, we laid in silence, with his tiny arms stretched out around me and said..."momma...did you know that Bob Ricky drives race cars?"
"Who", I asked!?!?! "Bob Ricky!!!" he said.
Then I knew what he was talking about...Ricky Bobby off Tallidaga Nights...
I said "Don't you mean Ricky Bobby?" "Yeah", he that's what he'd been saying the whole conversation...I had to keep from laughing until I went downstairs...I couldn't wait to share Bob Ricky's news with Jim!!!! I love what kids say and how they get stuff messed up!!! :)


Anonymous said...

OMG, Kent is going to just die of laughter on this one!!!

YOu can come live in my house like the cats if you would like...they would love to have another person around during the day!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Buck will LOVE this one! Love, MOM