Monday, June 15, 2009

Get your motor runnin'...

Never do you find a motorcycle in our drive-way...we don't own one, we don't have any close friends or family that ride one, it's just not common...until Saturday...Jim knows a guy through work that was going to be in our area while riding his "hog" and thought the boys would like to take a little spin in the yard on one of them!!
Don't I look so out of place on this bike!!! Hayden took my picture, because the whole entire time they were in our drive-way I was thinking "blog pictures, blog pictures"....

Did you know that this was called a "Harley David"?!?!?! According to Hayden, that's what they are, and he plans on having one when he gets big...I don't think so!!

This is when Hayden came back from his ride...I was okay with him toolin' around in the drive-way or front yard.............................................but when they took off down our road, which is the Parsons old highway and is very busy with lake traffic, I just about had a stroke and all I could do was say "oh my, oh lordy, oh wow..." secretly peeing my pants, just kidding, maybe...but just praying the guy drives they go to the corner which I can see standing in our yard and expect them to pull in the drive, NOPE, they whiz on past the house going the other direction....the guy said that about half way down the road Hayden tells him "take me home"...Hayden later told me he thought the guy was taking him to town!!!!!!!!!!!!

Case opted out of riding any of them........instead he made circles around them while riding the gator...literally making circles...we did get him to sit on one for about 2 seconds...I think he does look like a "hog" rider...don't you?!?!



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.... u definitely look like a harley b@#%h! lol That pic of Case cracks me up. I can see him riding the gator around the hogs. Hayden looks like a natural! Love MOM

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I cannot believe Hells Angels were in your driveway : )

That is a great photo shoot!

Bebb Girls said...

My favorite is the purple bike, of course and Case is lookin' mighty fine on that and check out that biker babe! We need to get Jim the shirt that says...."If you can read this my Bi@#$h fell off"
BTW... Hayden did a great job with the camera!

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment also on H's picture taking abilities, great!

Case, nice gut.

Love the tshirt idea for Jim.